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Moving and Storing Specialist Lab Equipment for PPTC

We’re proud to support the not-for-profit organisation Pacific Pathology Training Centre (PPTC) by providing discounted warehouse, delivery, and installation. 

Located at Wellington Hospital, New Zealand, the PPTC supports the development of medical laboratory sciences in the Pacific Islands. They provide training and assistance in clinical laboratories and blood transfusion services.

PPTC was looking for a provider to store, deliver and install their sensitive lab equipment in preparation for it to be shipped overseas. With extensive experience in handling medical equipment, it was the perfect partnership.

As part of their program of work, PPTC purchases lab equipment from various providers. We assist by holding the stock locally until they are ready to ship it overseas.

Our warehouses have been set up specifically to handle sensitive and valuable freight. Designed to meet each client’s customised needs across a whole range of industries, we provide staging areas in each warehouse to check, monitor, prepare, pack and manage items.

We take security on our sites extremely seriously. Our number one priority is ensuring your valuable equipment and sensitive freight is protected, secure and safe at all times. We provide full visibility of our warehouse facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can monitor your stock anytime.

When PPTC is ready to deliver a new shipment, we transport the stock from our local warehouse, deliver it to the site and set it up in the shipping containers.

As we are experts in sensitive freight handling, we use specialist lifting equipment to lift it onto custom stands and benches.

As part of our end-to-end service, we remove all packaging and waste. Our team prides itself on properly disposing of waste and separating items into cardboard recycling, plastic recycling and more.

The containers are then shipped to the Pacific Islands, where the PPTC team utilises them in their training and development programs. To learn more about this amazing non for profit, you can visit the PPTC website.

Please get in touch if you are looking for an expert in sensitive laboratory equipment handling. You can also get a quote now.

Alternatively, visit our webpage on sensitive freight warehousing to learn more about our service offering.