TSS is proud to be Australia’s sensitive freight specialist offering services in total transport, warehouse and logistics for a range of industries
and applications. Our point of difference is that we offer professional services enabling us to understand your needs and business requirements.


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Our Industry Expertise

We can help you safely transport, pack and unpack, install, store and relocate any type of sensitive freight across a range of industries and applications.
Our expertise is broad and our specialist skills are second to none. Our specialist transportation and sensitive freight tools and processes allow us to work across a range of industries.

Among others, here’s just some of the areas we can provide services in:


Person in Laboratory

Our team is experienced and skilled in the transportation of a range of high value medical equipment including x-ray, CT and MRI machines, imaging equipment, sterilisers, surgical instruments, veterinary equipment and much more.

We understand that at times getting this right on time the first time can have a major impact on a patient’s treatment and our systems and procedures have been designed to support this outcome.


Hospital Equipment White

We understand the requirements of managing your healthcare products life cycle in a safe and effective manner.

That's why we offer everything from unpack, storage, relocation, installation and certified destruction services.

Our teams are highly experienced in working in healthcare environments, so we understand the unique requirements in this area.


Dental Equipment

The medical and related industries was TSS’s foundation specialisation, and Dental has from the beginning played a key component in our offering.

Whether this is the storage of chairs and equipment pending a relocation, refurbishment or the positioning and placement for a new practice, we have the skills and experience to ensure a successful outcome.


Scientific Equipment

TSS have supported scientific facilities for many years with installation of equipment through to entire laboratory relocations.

Our specialist teams are well versed in the simultaneous handling of small and fragile equipment in conjunction with larger instruments.


A CT Scan Machine

At TSS we understand that sensitive freight means different things to different people.

That’s why we take the same care with your sensitive freight regardless of whether it’s a piece of fragile lab equipment weighing less that a kilo or a 13 tonne MRI, our knowledgeable and experienced team have the skills and commitment to ensuring it arrives on time, undamaged and ready for use.


IT Server Room White

Our solutions-based approach means we are well-equipped to handle and transport high value equipment in the IT, Power and Telecommunications areas. From one-off data centre relocations to office equipment relocations, large end of lease asset returns and management of high value power and energy assets including UPS and battery equipment.

Our specialist team are regularly engaged to assist with complex Logistics, Warehousing and Transport jobs for the IT, Power and Telecommunications industries, often in short timeframes. We work closely with your team to manage run-ups and swap-overs effectively and efficiently. We have moved all manner of heavy tech equipment including point of sale machines, data racks, coin machines, ATM and deposit machines, computer racks, data centres and more.


Printing machine

In the print production industry we understand any time your machines aren’t in operation, your business is impacted. We offer complete lifecycle management when it comes to storing, transporting and installing printers and multi-functional devices for Australian customers.

Our technicians will assist you handling legacy machines, safely unwrapping and installing new machines, as well as securely destroying and clearing data from old printing machines.

Our experience includes but is not limited to the handling, storing, relocation and transportation of large format printers, offset printers and commercial printing equipment. We also assist with office relocations and new installations for smaller devices.


exhibition trade show

We are fully equipped to assist with the full set up, pack down and installation of high value equipment for the events, entertainment and music industries. Our services and expertise includes but is not limited to supporting exhibition, conference and tradeshows at a corporate level, as well as supporting large scale bespoke entertainment and music related events. Regardless of the size, scale or location of your event, we can provide you a total solution to meet your event, conference and trade show transport and placement needs.

Our specialist team will work with you to ensure we assist transition in a way that ensures your event runs smoothly, and equipment is managed in a predictable and cost efficient manner.

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