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Covid 19 Impacts on Freight – We’ll get your goods there on time and safely

TSS Sensitive transport during Covid
TSS ensures that all drivers are up to date with the constantly changing landscape.

TSS is still moving freight around Australia on time and safely.

So overall, Covid hasn’t impacted the freight and logistics delivery time of your goods.

But, we are doing things a little differently for health and safety.

As transport is an essential service, TSS is as busy as ever, getting freight to where and when it’s needed.

Covid impact on Freight and Logistics 

The Delta strain of Covid has disrupted many businesses, including retail and the construction industry. However, the importance of the transport industry in keeping the country moving while containing the virus is critical to our recovery.

Freight movements are an essential service. 

TSS drivers follow strict health regulations to minimise spreading the virus. 

Here are some considerations we’re paying strict attention to.

Practicing social distancing where possible

TSS drivers have contactless pick-up and delivery wherever possible. We also take steps to maintain 1.5 metres physical distance from other workers at pick-up or delivery sites where practical, including meal breaks and other stops. 

TSS drivers are not carrying passengers other than alternate drivers, returning crew and staff at this time.

Keeping a list of close contacts

Family members and other close contacts are kept on record. This includes their name and mobile number or email for at least 28 days. Our records have a date and time of contact in case of risks of infection. 

Our drivers keep a record of all stops, including work or rest stops. Our facilities are all QR code compliant so TSS staff members easily login and out as required.

Carrying and using correct PPE

All TSS drivers and crew have hand sanitiser available with them in their trucks. All drivers are also supplied with and wear the correct PPE when in close contact with others.

Continual Cleaning

Currently, extra cleaning is routine at the end of each shift. This includes using disinfectant to clean hard surfaces such as seats, door handles and window controls, seat belts and buckles. Any area that comes in contact with our drivers is disinfected.

The driver’s cabin is also ventilated before the next shift.

Health Checks

If any TSS staff are unwell, they step aside from carrying out our transport freight and logistic operations. Employers and contractors regularly have their temperature taken, including those working remotely, such as drivers.

Crossing State borders during COVID

Crossing state borders may require our drivers to produce a negative Covid test and a border pass. Currently, as of July 2021, these restrictions apply for entry into 

  • Northern Territory 
  • Queensland 
  • New South Wales 
  • South Australia 
  • Tasmania 
  • Victoria 
  • Western Australia

Attention to detail is what we are good at

TSS management ensures that all drivers are up to date with the constantly changing landscape. We monitor onsite staff, drivers and offsiders for the virus regularly, which includes temperature checks and testing for Covid. No visitors are currently allowed into any TSS facility, unless under special circumstances. 

However, with these restrictions in place, our drivers are actually finding travel within states and particularly cities is quicker. This is due to less traffic on the road.

However, they have to stop at border crossings to comply with the current restrictions. So, they’re reporting that travel times overall have not changed much for them. 

TSS continues to move freight securely and safely across the country.

For more information on how we can move your goods, get in touch today.